HI! My name is


  • Sex: Female 
  • Age: 10 Weeks
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • My Back Story: I was part of a surrendered litter

  • About me: Baelee is an adventurer who rarely stays still except for when she's in my lap or sleeping. Has a real love of life and is the instigator of play. She is a tiny girl but isn't fragile, she gets stuck in, boots and all. Only eats if she is hungry although she is always hungry if there is treats.  She's a heartbreaker and draws people to her, would be an amazing part of any home.
  • Dogs: Has played with 18mo dog and doesnt take any crap although will go to her crate if things get too crazy
  • Cats: She is really gentle in her play with me so likely be fine although cats likely to find her annoying (she will likely seem them as a plaything).
  • Kids: Not tested with children.
  • Livestock/Small animals:  Not fostered with any
  • I'm currently learning: Crate trained, sleeps through the night with no toilet needed. Daytime toilet training is off and on, does really well one day then not so well the next.
  • I will need more work on: Consistant guidance and boundries to continue growing into a great dog

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