If you are out of options and have no other choice but to find a new place for your pet, we will try and help, but you need to also try to help yourself as there are NO guarantees we will have space. There are avenues you can try when rehoming your pet such as Facebook groups, or Trademe. This helps pets go from their current home directly to their new adopter without ever entering a pound or rescue. When rehoming your pet please check out the new home in person, and please desex your pet first.

We get multiple requests every day to save pets who are in pounds or in need of a new home due to other circumstances. Our foster homes remain at full capacity. There are simply too many sitting on death row in pounds waiting for their chance to be saved, and not enough adopters or people who are willing to make room in their lives to take them in. 

We can only help as many as we have the foster space & resources for, and our primary mission is to save those in pounds, those who have been abandoned, orphaned or dire emergencies. 

Thousands of animals end up being euthanized every year due to lack of space amongst pounds & rescue organisations. Please do whatever you need to do to keep your pet with you. Surrendering a pet to a pound is incredibly stressful and frightening, and there is no guarantee they will make it out alive. They will be surrounded by hundreds of other pets who are crying, shaking, and barking, wondering where their families are. You are your pets' family, please don't break the promise of forever to them.


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