HI! My name is


  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 8 Weeks
  • Breed: Mixed Breed
  • My Back Story: I was part of a surrendered litter

  • About me: Benji is a nice natured, gentle and loving little guy. He wants nothing more than to be your friend and get lots of cuddles! He is a small puppy who isn’t afraid to take on his bigger foster siblings and litter brother. When he isn’t playing with his foster siblings he is trying to get our attention for cuddles, chewing on his toys and sleeping in the cutest positions. He is very chatty and playful. He will try and talk to you and other dogs by using his big boy bark. He is a low maintenance dog, so chilled out and good with our cat. He would make a fantastic edition to any family. He is being fed wet and dry food 2 times a day and fed dry food as treats throughout the day as a part of his training.
  • Dogs: His foster siblings are very playful and keep him very busy, he holds his own really well. 
  • Cats: He is fantastic with our big dogs and especially our cat (his best friend).
  • Kids:  He is extremely loveable and gentle, I can’t imagine him having any issues with children. He is fine with the neighbours kids playing near the fence. He hasn’t had any other experience with children.
  • Livestock/Small animals:  
  • I'm currently learning: Basic training, Benji is very food driven which is making his house training a lot easier.
  • I will need more work on:  He is making really good progress. But, is not fully house trained yet.

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