HI! My name is


  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 8 Weeks old
  • Breed: Collie X Shepherd
  • My Back Story:

  • About me: Mocha is a super sweet boy with a calm nature (for a puppy). He loves people and really enjoys playing with children (ours were 10 and 11). He enjoys playing with toys and is lots of fun to have around. He likes other dogs and has had his brother plus our 8-year-old dog at home. He has also met other dogs and was fine with them. Mocha is crate trained and will take himself to the crate for a rest when he has had enough of his boisterous brother. He wakes once during the night to go to the toilet and then settles again quickly. His toilet training is going well. Mocha would enjoy puppy preschool and he is a quick learner. Mocha can be left in his crate for short periods of time but would not like to be alone for long periods during the day. Mocha loves snuggles and is going to make a fabulous addition to any family.
  • Dogs: I like all dogs
  • Cats: Not fostered with cats 
  • Kids: I love kids
  • Livestock/Small animals:  
  • I'm currently learning: Basic training/toilet training
  • I will need more work on: continue with basic training 


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