HI! My name is


  • I AM FOSTERED WITH A FAMILY IN: Palmerston North
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 8 Weeks
  • Breed: Lab X Husky
  • My Back Story: I was part of a surrendered litter

  • About me: I am a very outgoing and confident girl who absolutely loves playing zoomies with my siblings and the older dogs at my foster home. I am always the first one to get into mischief but that is just because I love everything I see.
    I spend most of my time outside playing and I am not afraid of the rain or getting wet (one of my favorite things is rolling in the long wet grass 🙄).  I am crate trained and can make it through the night. I can use a cat door to get in and out of the house but I am not sure how much longer I will be able to do that as I am growing fast. p.s. I love digging holes in the lawns so I am used to having baths to get clean again
  • Dogs: Confident around them
  • Cats:  I get on really well with the cat at my foster home.
  • Kids: I haven't seen alot of small children yet but I have not been afraid of any of the humans I have met so far.
  • Livestock/Small animals:  I am not interested in cows, sheep or chickens but I still need to be supervised around them.
  • I'm currently learning: I am currently practicing my recall and sit but it is still work in progress
  • I will need more work on:

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