HI! My name is


  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 1 years old (est)
  • Breed: Lab X
  • My Back Story: 

  • About me: Sparky is a big goofball, and he has us laughing everyday without fail. He’s still very much a puppy, and sometimes it’s easy to forget his age because of his size. However, he is very bright and picks up commands easily when he has some time spent on him. He will need a dedicated owner to ensure his physical and mental demands are met, otherwise he has the tendency to start destroying things out of boredom. But trust me - it’s easily avoided with him! He has a loving personality and gets along very well with new dogs and people. He even has a good defensive bark when unknown people arrive. Sparky loves to run and play, whether it’s just by himself or with others. He enjoys water a hell of a lot so would find himself very happy at the beach or some land with water access. His current foster home is on a dairy farm and he fits in well with the farm dogs and manager. He would suit a home similar to this with a good dog buddy and human buddy to keep him busy. But with the right owner we feel Sparky would fit in anywhere.
  • Dogs: Loves having a dog buddy
  • Cats: 
  • Kids: Previously fostered with kids and was good with them although he did occansioanly forget how big he is so would be best with older kids.
  • Livestock/Small animals: As with any dog, he shouldn’t be left alone with livestock.
  • I'm currently learning: 
  • I will need more work on: Continue to work on obidience and boundaries


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